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Oracle WebCenter Installation Overview

August 20, 2010

Oracle Webcenter Suite Installation on single node  is straight forward

1. Run Repository Creation Utility to load webcenter schemas in database.

Download rcu

Detail Steps to Create Repository for Webcenter

2. Install Weblogic server in Middleware Home. ( ie. /u01/mwh)

Weblogic Server Installation

3. Install Webcenter suite  11g in same Middleware Home. (ie /u01/mwh)

4. Patch Webcenter Suite to version.

5. Run ./ to create the domain and webcenter manage services.

Note : If this is new installation apply 11.1.13 Fusion Middleware patch to webcenter home before starting creating managed services.

Soon I will update this post with my experience  in webcenter suite.

Other links

1. Configuring Webcenter with Proxy HTTP Server and SSO

2. Clustering Webcenter Suite 11g Services across physical machines


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